Walpole Mayfair

Walpole Mayfair is a
prestigious development
from Oliver Burns

From opulent private
homes to exclusive
residential developments
in prime locations,
Oliver Burns creates
thoughtful, luxurious
designs that reflect the
needs and aspirations of
a discerning clientele

About Us

We recognise that our clients appreciate beauty
in all its forms, but that they are often constrained
by the demands of a busy international schedule,
so we design each of our homes to the very last
thoughtful detail. We limit ourselves to projects
that we can personally oversee, so that each one is
delivered with love and care.

We are immensely proud to have been able to restore
Walpole Mayfair to its original intended use. Period
buildings are a passion and speciality of ours and as
a team, we very much feel custodians of a piece of
history, so it has been very important to ensure that
the design is carefully considered and sensitively
restored, in a happy marriage of the period
with the present day.

We have a strong sense of social responsibility and
to seal that commitment, Oliver Burns is a certified
CarbonNeutral® company.

Oliver Burns